I literally left my heart in San Francisco

A boricua in SF, 2016

Finally! I can share with all of you my latest piece “A Boricua in S F” ❤️ which is a homage to my Taino ancestors and it also represents the Puerto Rican community in San Francisco.

The design’s central figure, “La Caguana” is the Taino Goddess of women and fertility and my power figure!

It was made for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation 2016, Hearts in SF Project.

Me and 18 other Bay Area artists were selected as a Heart Sculpture Artist.

These beautiful Heart Sculptures are both auctioned to raise critical funds for the Foundation and shared as a special token of appreciation with the Signature Event Sponsors on February 18 at the ATT Park in San Francisco.

I am honored and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful project.

Con amor,


*NEW* Magazine article written about me and galaARTS

vision magazine

Super excited about the piece written about me and galaARTS for the Latin magazine Vision, latest Winter edition by Arlene Galindo.

I haven’t read it yet, but can’t wait to see how it turned out!


Bien emocionada por el articulo escrito sobre mi y galaARTS para la edición de invierno de la revista latina Visión por Arlene Galindo !

Todavia no lo he leído, pero no puedo esperar!

Con Amor,


El Dia de los Muertos, Mama Makers, FunShops and Teaching in Florida, YES! Florida!

dia de los muertos

Today is El Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) is a day to celebrate, remember and honor those we have lost in this world but that we know that they will always be with us wherever we go. I have lost aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and even pets. And even though theres not a day that passes that I don’t think of them, today is a special day where I create an altar with physical objects that represent each one of them.

This newsletter will also include information on our upcoming events that many will have a Day of the Dead element . This Friday, November 6 we will have our last Mama Makers Pop Up Shop of this year. Mama Makers is an art collective that started with four mamas from Alameda and Oakland all of Latino descent, that needed a space to showcase and celebrate their creativity. From 6-9pm we will be at Dandelion Flower Shop who has always been the incubator of the collective, Gracias to Karim Preuss the owner and Goddess Florista of the shop.

So, come with La Familia and celebrate with us, life, love, losts and friendship.

Also on Sunday, November 22 we are having a Mama Makers FunShop where you Make a jewelry picture frame glass vase, using broken jewelry, beads, trinkets and a picture frame which we will provide. And why a picture frame? Well, that way you can add a photo of a loved one, that is not there to celebrate the holidays with you and your family. Or you can even add a photo of something that reminds you of the Thanksgiving holiday. But the fun does not end there, after you make your vase Karim “Goddess Florista” will teach you how to make a beautiful arrangement using fall flowers, which will enhance your unique vase. The vase and flower arrangement will be the center of conversation during your Thanksgiving dinner.

For the month of December I will be headed to sunny Florida for some family time and to celebrate the holidays, but while I am there I will be teaching a private mosaic class in Silver Springs in Miramar. It will be a basic mosaic class, but if you have experience making mosaics you are welcome to join us!

Also in December I have some great news to share with all of you, but right now I have to wait a bit. They want me to keep it kinda hush, hush but I promise that it’s BIG!

Gracias, again for being part of this e-news if you need to contact me please do!

Con Amor,

*New* Fall Move, *New* Funshops, Pop-Up and Celebrations!


Hola mi gente linda! Hello my beautiful people!

I know that I haven’t sent out a newsletter in a while. I have been a bit busy and also a bit lazy to write. But I couldn’t let time pass any longer, there is so many good things happening with MD Studios & galaARTS that I really wanted to share with all of you.

As you can see in the the picture above of my Muse Gala I have moved my studio to an actual retail store. Actually, it’s more than a retail store, it’s a little piece of heaven! The shop is called Dandelion, and it’s a flower boutique. My amazing and gorgeous Goddess Florista Karim was grateful enough to give galaARTS a little piece of her heaven. This means that MD Studios and galaARTS @Dandelion will be making art, hosting FunShops (no more work!), exhibiting, selling, and of course celebrating!

It’s really something that I never expected, but my intensions were out there and now look where I have landed. Come say Hola! to me and the beautiful people of Dandelion at 1419 Park St Plaza (The Alley) in Alameda.

Now, check out our new October & November FunShops, Pop-Ups and Celebrations!

And a sneak peak for December!

Con Amor,

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Glass Skull Picture Frame

Tiki Chica

Come celebrate El Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) and create your own glass skull picture frame in honor of a loved one and your ancestors. This is a one day class and just in time for the actual Day of the dead date, November 2nd. Your glass skull picture frame can be made especially for your shrine or hanged near a window so you can see it come to life!

Cost: $99 pp

Sunday, October 25th- 11-4pm

We will be working at galaARTS @ Dandelion Flower Shop
1419 Park St Plaza, Alameda, CA 

Space is limited! Sign up at: www.galaARTS.com

Repurposed Jewelry Picture Frame Vase & Flower Arrangement

Vase making & Flower arrangement

Repurpose your old jewelry, and come to galaARTS @dandelion on
November 22 from 4-6:30pm and make something NEW!

Make a jewelry picture frame glass vase, using broken jewelry, beads, trinkets and a picture frame which we will provide. And why a picture frame? Well, that way you can add a photo of a loved one, that is not there to celebrate the holidays with you and your family. Or you can even add a photo of something that reminds you of the Thanksgiving holiday.

But the fun does not end there, after you make your vase Karim “Goddess Florista” will teach you how to make a beautiful arrangement using fall flowers, which will enhance your unique vase.  The vase and flower arrangement will be the center of conversation during your Thanksgiving dinner.

Cost: $65- All Materials Included

Space is limited! Sign up at: www.galaARTS.com

Now, for our Pop-Up!

Mama Makers


Kid celebrations

Let your kids BE INSPIRED, BE CREATIVE AND BE FUN! making an unique, keep sake mosaic, that will BE with them forever! And the best part is that we bring the class to you!

They can make a fun mosaic mirror, their favorite animal, a beautiful rainbow. Anything that they love and makes them happy!

Cost: $25 per child (Min. 6 kids)

To reserve or for more info go to: www.galaARTS.com

Girls Art Night Out!

Girls art night out

Want an unique experience to celebrate your next birthdaybridal showeror just an excuse to hang out with your friends! Then get a group of your best girlfriends and/or guy friends for a Glass & wine mosaic soireé! It can be at your home or at another venue of your choice for a 2.5 hr Glass Mosaic Experience, where you and your friends will have fun learning the basics to make a mosaic art piece while enjoying some fabulous local wine or bubbly!

Cost: $50 pp

To reserve or for more info go to: www.galaARTS.com

Now a sneak peak of what’s coming up
 in December!

Florida private mosaic class


New independence!

paradeJuly, is almost over! and its been fun! On the 4th of July I participated for the first time in the Alameda 4 of July parade. It is one of the longest parades in the country, with a whooping 3 miles! And I walked it non-stop. My feet still hurt! but I got to be part of this amazing community event and got too dress up too!

I also finally was able to promote the new name of my business, galaARTS Mobile Mosaic Private Parties & Classes. The logo which was a collaborative labour of love between me and my beautiful friend Vero from elsaveronica.com was ready for its debut that day. I’m telling you, the planets were lined up and everything went as I had envisioned it! When i walked that parade, I felt that I was not only celebrating the independence of my country, but my new independence as well!

Con Amor,


ps-Check out my next class Find Yout Inner GODDESS and reserve your next celebration today!

@ The 4th of July Parade, Free Mosaic Funshop, drop in classes, Goddesses and PARTIES!


YAY! Summer is finally here! And there are so many things to do. My little girl is off the entire summer, so we are planning different activities to have fun and keep busy, like days at the beach, story time at the library, hiking to different Bay Area trails, splashing in our neighborhood pools, camps, camping and of course arts, crafts and mosaics!

So, to kick of the summer me and my talented and beautiful friend Karim from Dandelion Flower Shop in Alameda are participating for the first time in the Alameda Annual 4th of July parade. And we got as our float a 1965 VW convertible transporter, soooo sweet! We will be decorating it with flowers and mosaics, to get it up and running for the day of the parade. And our daughters, as well as the little daughter of our very humble driver and car owner will be riding with us. So, if you happen to be in Alameda, CA on the 4th of July come down to support us and all the community and local businesses of this amazing city!

And to continue with community spirit, I am very honored that our local main library has invited me to teach a mosaic funshop. Even though it is not for this summer (September) I just wanted to put it out there and I promise that I will keep you updated with more details very soon! I know that the funshop will be free to the public and that spaces will be limited.

As for mosaic classes here is what I am offering now:

Monday mornings Friday nights mosaic funshops

This is a drop in (but registration online is still required) class where you can start and/or end your week making mosaics. You can work on one project for several classes or make something different every time you come. Classes are 3 hours long and all materials included! For more info and details go HERE!

Find your Inner Goddess-Diosa mosaic class

In this funshop you will explore your inner goddess by creating your own Goddess-Diosa art piece. The class will start with 15-20min of yoga to stretch, to feel centered before starting to work on our art. We will also work on a circular substrate, because the circle signifies unity, centering, cycles, the womb and many more wonderful things. This is a two day class and all materials are included!

For more info and details go HERE!

Lastly, I have to mention my Kid Mosaic Celebrations, Big Kids Mosaic Celebrations and Glass & Wine Mosaic Soireé! I love a good party! And to be very honest, when you physically make something creative when celebrating someone or something you love, it makes the event even more special! So, reserve your party today! If you have more questions please contact me or call me at 510-409-4160.

Enjoy your Summer!

Con Amor,



*New*New*New* Spring 2015!

For this spring I don’t have any classes scheduled around the Bay Area, and that’s because I am trying out new things. My Kid Mosaic Parties are getting highly noticed and wonderful people have been inquiring and reserving them for their kids next birthday celebration. These KM parties are an unique way for your kids to create a special piece that they could keep forever!Kid mosaic parties

Also, I have been doing these parties but, for the Big Kids in all of us! I did one a few weeks ago and it was a hit! I partnered up for this event with RareBird and it was a lot of fun! The birthday boy was celebrating his BIG 50 and wanted about 80 of his closest  friends to make at the party a group mosaic where everyone collaborated, and even bought their own special trinkets and baubles to make the mosaic special. I could not believe how engaged everyone was! , it really was a unique experience not only for me but for everyone that participated. And the best thing is that when I finish the final details of the mosaic, I will be delivering it to the birthday boys home and he will display it on a wall in his backyard forever! This really gives me real joy and happiness! After this amazing experience I would love to do more of these Big Kid Mosaic Parties, so if you or someone you know is interested in knowing more please contact me . This really is an unique experience!

Big Kids Mosaic Parties

As for teaching more classes, right now I am only doing private classes at my home studio for 1 or 2 students at the time. I am also doing group classes of all ages but the cool thing is that I go to you. So, if you want to get a group together (kids or adults) then I will make for you a special package, which can be for a one day class or an ongoing series of classes. Contact me and we can discuss it! But I am offering the Glass & wine mosaic soireé class/party where you get a group of your best girlfriends and/or guy friends at your home or at another venue of your choice for a 2.5- 3 hr Glass Mosaic Experience,while enjoying some fabulous local wine or bubbly!

Last month, I had my first ever featured artist show at the Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley and it was fantastic! I got to feature seven new of my mixed media mosaics. But there is one specific piece that I was very proud of exhibiting!


Title: Carmen, 2015

Glass, shells, jewelry, porcelain, mirror

I made this piece to honor mi abuelita (my grandmother). Her name was Carmen and she died from Alzheimer’s about two years ago. I miss her dearly, and I wanted to make a piece that would show her essence and I hope I was able to convey this with this piece.

And for this month of April I have been invited by RareBird to showcase my mixed media mosaic pieces at their shop. Just like at the Stained Glass Garden I will be RareBirds featured artist of the month. For this exhibition I am showcasing pieces that represent my evolvement in mosaics and now mixed media. I am even exhibiting my first mosaic *ever* which is a piece I still love.

The opening reception will be on Thursday April 16th from 6-9 at RareBird vintage shop in Piedmont, CA.

rare bird featured artist

Hope you can all make it in one way or another!

Con Amor,


Teaching Glass Mosaic!

stained glass garden

I had an amazing time last Sunday at The Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley teaching a glass mosaic class! Every student made beautiful and unique mosaics using glass, beads and jewelry. 
I’m soo happy how everything turned!
Hope to be back in 2015!
To sign up for their new classes go here!

Get Inspired & Creative for the Holidays! ***Classes & POP UP Art Shops***

MD studio mosaico

It’s November! Can you believe that? This is the second November me and my family are living in Alameda, so it is the second time I see all the leaves falling from the beautiful and majestic Oak tree in our backyard. And it makes me think about how time flies the older and hopefully wiser I get!

For this month of November all the way to February, 2015 I am offering a few different mosaic classes using my glass mosaics with beads and jewelry.

The Holiday Mosaic classes are themed! For the classes  in November and December at the The Rare Bird in Oakland, the first one is titled “Be Grateful Mosaics” In this class you can create a mosaic about what you feel grateful this Thanksgiving holiday? and for the “Winter Wonderland” mosaic class you can create a winter themed mosaic. 

Also in December I am offering another holiday themed mosaic class at The Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley. This is the first time I teach at this studio! It’s going to be an one day class on Sunday, December 14th.

These are great classes that you can take to make a Christmas gift for someone special in your life, or even for yourself! They are also great to be given as gifts for this holiday!

In late January and early February (before Valentines Day) I am offering three more two day classes. The first one is a Girly Mirror Mosaic class at The Rare Bird in Oakland and the second is titled  “All you need is love” at my Private Home Studio in Alameda. This is a really special class for me because it will be dedicated to my Abuelita Carmen (grandmother) who passed away last year from Alzheimer’s disease. 

50% of of the proceeds from this class will be donated to my Tribute Page for theAlzheimer’s Association in honor of my grandmother.

And lastly on February 5 & 8  come create your own special Power Flower, in what better place than at a flower shop, Dandelion Flower Boutique in Alameda. 

All my mosaic classes are two days, with exception the one at The Stained Glass Garden, and they include All Materials!

I will be adding more classes to the schedule soon! I know that sometime in the near future I will be teaching again at The Frank Bette Center of The Arts in Alameda. Two weekends ago my Fabulous Ladies Glass Class was great fun! and I would love to do it again!

If you would like to see me teach near you, contact me!



22 & 23 Be Grateful Mosaics at The Rare Bird on Piedmont Avenue


1 & 8 Winter Wonderland Mosaics at The Rare Bird on Piedmont Avenue 

14 Glass Mosaics at The Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley 


24 & 25 Girly Mirror Mosaic at The Rare Bird on Piedmont Avenue

31 & February 1 All You Need Is LOVE at My Private Home Studio in Alameda


5 & 8 Flower Power Mosaic at Dandelion Flower Boutique in Alameda 

Check out! 

More of my Mosaic Classes, Girls Night Out- Glass & Vino Mosaic Soireé, and

Mosaic Party’s for Kids.


On Friday December 12th from 6-9pm our 4 Chicas Art Collective “Mamá Makers” are popping up and setting shop for the night at the beautiful and carefully edited Dandelion Flower Boutique in Alameda, as part of the 2nd Friday Art Walk. Last POP UP (November 14th) was a great hit!

We are exhibiting and selling our local, unique, hand crafted, hand made goods

The Mamá Makers are:

Vanina Doce-Mood of 12 Mood Studio is going to be selling her unique jewelry and kiddy art aprons.

Adriana Oyarzun of AO Photography is going to be exhibiting her beautiful lifestyle photographs and booking holiday mini photo sessions.

Mónica Arguelles of Mama Monis Bake Sale is going to be doing a taste of her heavenly peruvian style alfahores and other scrumptious bake goods, as well as selling them! 


Moi!!! I will be exhibiting for sale my unique, hand cut , glass mosaics, and my new girly mosaic mirrors, as well as signing up for my holiday classes.

Come and bring your family, friends and kids! We will have Live Music , Local Brews, Wine, Food and of course ART!!!

It’s going to be a creative, inspiring and FUN event! 

Also, ***SAVE THE DATE! December 13th!*** I will be popping up again in another POP UP ART SHOP with The Mamá Makers at Sole Space in Oakland.
More details soon!!!

If you have any questions or just want to say Hola! contact me!

Con Amor,

Creative & Inspiring Dia de los Muertos Skulls!!!

skull class students

Yesterday, I gave an AMAZING! skull glass mosaic class to celebrate El Dia de los Muertos to three beautiful and mature teenagers and to three beautiful and not that mature Mama’s!

All made incredible pieces in just a full day of class!

Next weekend the 25 & 26 of October I will be offering the class at The Rare Bird  in Piedmont Ave.

This class will be two days, but the results will be as incredible as the one day class !

Sign up here!

Con Amor,